It is every Cadet's responsibility to attend each parade night or, if they are unable to attend, to advise and excuse their absence. We realize that from time to time Cadets may get sick, have excessive amounts of homework, or have family obligations; as such we ask that Cadets advise the Squadron prior to 1900hrs with the ONLINE SQUADRON ABSENCE FORM - this is the preferred method. The alternate method is to call the Squadron cell phone. We no longer have a land line and the Squadron cell has limited voicemail capability - your absence message may not be received. If an absence is known in advance, they may report it to the Administration Officer anytime prior to the absence.

Along with regular parade attendance, in order to complete their Cadet training over the year and be eligible for advancement, Cadets must attend the following events:

- Cadet Harassment and Abuse Prevention training. This is required training. Any Cadet who is unable to attend will not be allowed to participate in Cadet activities. This night will take place in October, and within 6 weeks of a new Cadet joining throughout the year.

- Remembrance Day - November 11

- The Squadron Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR), the final parade for the Squadron

- One night of Range (Marksmanship); held weekly during the fall to familiarize Cadets with the proper and safe handling of firearms using air rifles. Cadets will also have a chance to try out for our Range team. The familiarization shooting will be conducted on Thursday evenings.

- Two citizenship events; in keeping with the aims of the Canadian Cadet Movement, promoting citizenship, Cadets will participate in one of the several citizenship activities that are conducted throughout the year (Poppy Drive, Salvation Army Kettles, etc).

- One day of
Gliding (held in the fall and again in the spring near Olds) and familiarization flying.

- One Field Training Exercise; held 2 times through the year where the Cadets learn and practice wilderness survival skills. Cadets attend these as levels so as to complete instructional requirements. It is important that your Cadet attend with their level.

All available information for activities can be found on the
Calendar located after Signing In.